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Sep 20, 2018 | Mark Stephen | 1100 views
JR IP & SR IP - Parent Information Meetings
Message from our DMHA Pre-Novice Convener: click

Dear Hockey Parents/Guardians,
Please be advised that after practice this Saturday, I have booked the multi-purpose room (upstairs viewing room) above the ice to update everyone on this year's hockey program.
I'll cover the new initiation programming for the 2018 season (as directed by Hockey Canada), game and practice schedules, coach & trainer requirements, Jamboree / Fun Days, and the overall structure that leads to a successful program.
Remember, a successful IP program is the direct result of volunteer efforts from all of us!
I understand everyone has busy schedules but please try to make it. I'm sure you'll learn a few things as to "why" or "how" we do things in minor hockey.
I don't expect the meeting to take longer than 45 minutes, depending on the questions.
JR IP Meeting - 11:30-12:15
* Practice starts @ 10:30
SR IP Meeting - 1:30-2:15
*Practice starts @ 12:30
Mark Stephen
DMHA Pre-Novice Convener
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