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Form must be completed by any On-Ice Volunteer that is a Registered DMHA Staff or player, or is not on a DMHA/OMHA Official Roster for 2018-19 Season.
I (name stated below) will not hold Delhi Minor Hockey Association, any of its Executive, Players, or Team Officials liable for any injury that may occur to me as a result of me participating on the ice in a Delhi Minor Hockey Association Event.
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  1. OMHA Manual of Operations – Policies & Procedures

    Mandatory equipment requirements for those individuals acting in the role of On-ice Volunteer, for example, individuals assisting with IP program implementation, on-ice (parent/family) helpers, demonstrators, speciality (i.e. goaltender) coaches, etc.

    OMHA Guidelines for equipment to be worn by individuals assisting as a volunteer in On-Ice activities are as follows:

    Note:  On-Ice Volunteers must be at least 2 years older than the division age limit they are associated with.  (Minimum age, 9 yrs old)

On-Ice Volunteer Below 14 yrs of age
Volunteers under age of 14, Must wear full equipment and cannot be on the ice unless they are 9 yrs old and a full 2 divisions above the division they are Volunteering to Help On-Ice. CSA/HC Approved Equipment.
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On-Ice Volunteer 14 yrs and Above age
Volunteers 14 yrs and older, Must wear Certified Hockey, Gloves, Helmet, Coaches Suit & Skates as per Hockey Canada Approved.
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