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"Delhi & District Minor Hockey is committed to providing a Safe and Fair environment for participants to learn and grow in the sport of Hockey."

The Delhi & District Minor Hockey Association has been operating ice hockey programs in Delhi and the surrounding area for many years. Our programs were developed to provide the youth of our community with the opportunity to participate in an organized
team activity which encouraged the development of hockey skills, promoting the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship, and provide an avenue for social skill enhancement. Our Association’s programs are continually developing. The Association annually reviews its programs via input from its participants and other individuals associated with Delhi Minor Hockey. The Association recognizes the toll the daily operations and management of the programs and events takes on its volunteers and the need for continued growth. Delhi has recognized the need to put in writing a manual that outlines the expectations of its membership, as an administrator, participant, coach, team official, volunteer or spectator. Every individual must know and understand their role within the Association and must abide by the rules and regulations, which are outlined within.
  1. To reduce the risks that verbal, psychological, emotional, physical or sexual harassment or abuse happening to anyone within our Association.
  2. To create measures which allow the Association to move quickly and decisively if abuse or harassment does occur.
  3. To provide an avenue for individuals to bring their concerns forward with the knowledge that their concerns will be addressed and if necessary, acted on in a timely fashion.

Delhi & District Minor Hockey Association welcomes any feedback from its membership for improvement. The Association’s desire is to guarantee the participants experience is rewarding, enjoyable, and free from abuse and harassment. The Association will continue to eliminate all forms of abuse and harassment. Behaviors that are not conducive to the Association’s objective will not be tolerated. The Association’s first priority is to protect the membership. At the same time, coaches, team officials, parents, etc. can also be targets of abuse and harassment and the Association will endeavor to eliminate such, no matter who the individual is and who the target is.

Download our Manual of Operations which includes our Code of Conduct -HERE

Download our Constitution Bylaws - HERE