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Travel Permit Request must be completed and Approved by Association Registrar Luanne Fakelman - [email protected] before any DMH Team is allowed to attend a Tournament. Local and/or Travel Tournament
Team Requesting Travel Permit
I as the representative of the ``selected`` DMH Team am requesting a Travel Permit for the 2017-18 Season

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  3. name of the tournament
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  1. * All tournament games outside the OMHA requires a $20 fee *
    * All exhibition games outside the OHF require a $10 per/max. $300 per association *

    Exhibition games:

    - to play any exhibition game within the OHF Branch an OMHA must obtain permission from their OMHA Regional Executive Member.

    - to play any exhibition game outside the OHF Branch, permission from the OMHA Executive Director must be obtained as well as notification to the OMHA Regional Executive Member (Exception border town - i.e. Windsor and Detroit, Fort Erie and Buffalo, would be bound by paragraph 1 above)

    NOTE:  Please refer to the OMHA Manual of Operations for the following Regulations:

    Playdowns - Regulation 13.7
    Tournametns - Regulation 19.2 
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