General Information, 49th Annual Delhi Tobacco Town Atom / Peewee, 2014-2015 (Delhi Rockets - Home on the Web)

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1. This tournament shall be played under O.M.H.A. rules. The Tournament committee reserves the right
to make decisions regarding the interpretation of the rules and all decisions by the committee are final.

2. REGISTRATION – A team representative must register their team. All teams must register at least 
one hour before their first scheduled game. One team official must produce originals or approved 
copies of the team roster, aflliliated player lists and travel permits if applicable. 

3. All teams must be at the arena 30 minutes before game times and be ready to go on the ice 15 
minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the game. Inability to be on the ice on time will mean 
automatic forfeit of the game. Team officials must complete the game sheet no later than 15 minutes prior 
to game time. There is no player sign in.

4. The team designated as Home Team in each tournament game will be required to change sweaters 
should a color conflict arise. All teams should therefore have two sets of sweaters available for use. The 
Tournament Committee will resolve conflicts.

5. Dressing rooms are under the care of team officials and these officials will be held responsible for any 
damage or abuse that occurs during the time of use. And must be vacated within 20 minutes after your 

6. All round robin tournament games will be 10-10-10 stop time. There are no time outs allowed in round 
robin play. All elimination games are 10-10-15. Overtime only applies to elimination games. 

7. Points will be awarded as follows: In round robin play a total of 5 points will be awarded for each 
game. One (1) point to the winner of each period and two (2) points to the winner of the game. 
Tied periods or games, will result in the sharing of the point (points). In the event of a forfeited game 
the score will be recorded as 1 – 0 and the non-offending team will receive five points. 

8. In the event of a tie in points upon completion of the regular scheduled games, the tie breaking 
procedure will be as follows:

-Head to head, winner awarded higher position

If still tied
- Fewest total goals against - awarded higher ranking (in round robin play)
- Goal differential (total goals scored minus total goals against in round robin play), higher 
differential awarded higher ranking
- The team with the least penalty minutes awarded higher ranking (total in round robin play)
- Fastest opening goal scored during round robin play.
-In the event the 2 teams are still tied a coin toss will determine the position.

9. Quarter Final, Semi Final and Championship Games
-One 30 second timeout will be allowed per team per game in elimination games only.
-Home Team for elimination games will be decided by the team with the higher ranking. 
-Tied elimination games will be played for sudden victory in the following manner:

Overtime for elimination is sudden victory, 5 minutes with 4 on 4 with goalies. If score remains 
tied after the 5 minutes the game will continue 3 on 3 with goalies until there is a winner. If during 
the 3 on 3 a penalty is called, the non-offending team will add a fourth player (4 on 3). When the 
penalty is over the offending player will come on the ice (4 on 4) until the next whistle and then 
resume 3 on 3. 

10. Decisions of the referees are final and not subject to protest.

11. Tournament format: The Tournament Convenor reserves the right to change the format of the 
tournament should it be deemed necessary. 

12. Abuse of players, other coaching staff, officials, or tournament officials will not be tolerated and will 
result in the person and/or persons of the team being ejected from the tournament without refund. This 
includes abuse by players, coaches or parents.

13. By entering the Tournament, the Coach or Manager on behalf of their team releases the OMHA, 
Delhi Minor Hockey Association, Tournament Committee and all officials, referees, sponsors, 
volunteers and all concerned with the Tournament from any and all liability of injury or accident 
which may be incurred by any player or team official while participating in or coming to or going 
from the tournament.

14. Although this is a tournament, the main goal is to HAVE FUN.
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