Tournament Rules, Hockey Mom's 37th Annual U9LL Full Ice Tournament, 2022-2023 (Delhi Rockets - Home on the Web)

This Tournament is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
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37th Annual Delhi Hockey Moms U9LL Tournament



This tournament shall be played under the rules of the O.M.H.A. manual of operations.  Suspensions will be served as indicated in the current Manual of Operations with the following exception. i)  Players or Team Officials receiving a game misconduct and/or gross misconduct under Rule 11.1/11.2 Maltreatment, they shall be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. The Tournament committee reserves the right to make decisions regarding the interpretation of the rules and all decisions by the committee are final.

This is a local/house league tournament ONLY! No Roster Select, tournament team or AE (Additional entry) teams are permitted to registered.

**This is a full ice tournament**


·         No body checking allowed.

·         Team officials are responsible for the conduct of their team.  Spectators who are abusive toward parents, players or officials will not be tolerated.  The game will be suspended until the identified person leaves the arena.  Once ejected, that spectator shall not be allowed access to the arena for the remainder of the tournament.

·         All players must wear neck guards.  Mouth guards are mandatory.  ALL PLAYERS MUST LEAVE THEIR HELMETS ON UNTIL THEY LEAVE THE ICE.  Only coaching staff will be allowed on the ice.  No parents or spectators are allowed on the ice at any time.

·         Teams are not to go on the ice until the Zamboni door has closed and the refs are on the ice.



·          A team representative must register their team.  All teams must register at least one hour before their first scheduled game. One team official must produce originals or approved copies of the team roster, affiliated player lists and travel permits if applicable.  All teams are asked to be ready to play 15 minutes before their schedule game time in case start times are ahead of schedule.  There is no player sign in.

·         Only players and team officials listed on an approved OHF/OMHA roster shall be allowed to participate in the tournament. The approved roster must be made available to tournament officials for perusal one (1) hour before the team’s first game and at any time during the tournament if necessary.  Approved roster sheet will be acceptable for this tournament.

Approved rosters and valid travel permits are required to be provided to tournament officials (Kelly Dygos [email protected]) at least three weeks prior to the start of the tournament.



·          All team officials shall individually sign the tournament game sheet in the tournament office prior to commencing each game. We will be using paper game sheets so leave enough time to fill out/ review the game sheet.

·         The team designated as Home Team in each tournament game will be required to change sweaters should a colour conflict arise.  All teams should therefore have two sets of sweaters available for use.


·         Dressing rooms are under the care of team officials and these officials will be held responsible for any damage or abuse that occurs during the time of use. And must be vacated within 20 minutes after your game.


·         All major penalties will carry suspensions as per the OMHA and must be served in the tournament.

·         Any player, coach or team official receiving a fighting penalty, Match penalty, or Gross Misconduct penalty shall be expelled for the remainder of the tournament.


·         We will have a 3-minute warm up which will start when the refs are on the ice. Referees will blow the whistle early so warm up and team talk can be completed. Prior to the start of every game, we will shake hands/ fist bump. Players are then to return to the benches except the starting lineup.

·         All round robin, semi-finals and consolation and championship games will be 10-10-10 stop times.

·         No overtime in round robin play.  Overtime will be played in semi-finals, consolation and championship games if needed.  Overtime will be as follows: sudden death (first goal wins) with 5 mins put on the clock; should teams remained tied after 5 mins of additional game play teams will move to a shootout.

o   Coaches will list their three shooters prior to the start of the semi-final, consolation, and final games.

o   Each player must shoot once prior to a player shooting for a second time.

·         No timeouts will be given during round robin play.

·         Mercy rule will be in effect: When a team is ahead by 5 goals the time clock will run (non-stop) consistently until such time that the goal differential is 3.   Once this occurs/should occur the clock will return to regular game play, stoppage on whistles ex.


·         Each time will be granted three round robin games; the top two teams in each group (two groups of 5 in this tournament) will move on to the semi-finals.

·         Points will be awarded as follows: in round robin play each game is worth 2 points: 2 for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for loss.

·         In the event of a tie in points upon the completion of the round robin games, the tie breaking procedure will be as follows:

o   Fewest total goals against in round robin play,

o   Penalty minutes (team with fewest minutes in round robin play)

o   Refer to the game played between the 2 teams; the team that scored first is awarded the higher ranking. If the teams did not play each other than the team with the fastest goal during the tournament is awarded to higher ranking (starting with first game and moving on as needed).

o   Should it be impossible to break the tie with the above scenarios, a coin toss will determine position.


·         One 30 second timeout will be allowed per term per game during a semi-final game.

·         Home team will be decided by the team with the higher-ranking Group A 1st place team will play Group B 2nd place team and vice versa.

·         A tie at the end of a semifinal game will result in the following:

o   5-minute sudden death victory period.

o   If still tied following; a 3 man shoot out; teams will pick 3 different shooters and list them in order prior to the game starting on the game sheet. Heads up format.

o   If still tied after three shooters will continue with different shooters (head-to-head) until one team scores; if the home team scores the away team will have opportunity to tie.  Each player will shoot once before a player can shoot again.

o   Shoot out will continue until game is no longer tied.  Head-to-head (format)

Decisions of the referees are final and not subject to protest!



·         National anthem will be played following the handshake; team is asked to line up on their respective blue lines following the pre-game handshake/fist pump.

·         One 30 second time out will be allowed per team, per game.

·         Home team will be decided by the team with the higher ranking in round robin play.

·         A tied score at the end of game play will result in a 5-minute sudden death period.

·         If there is still a tie after 5 mins of overtime play; an additional 5 minutes will be put on the board; removing one (1) player after each minute o play (buzzer will be sounded at the end of each minute). Substitutions can be made at any time. Face offs will be at the point of all stoppages of play.

·         If still tied will move to a 3 player shoot out. Teams will pick 3 different shooters and list them in order of shooter on the game sheet prior to game. Heads up format.

·         If still tied, then sudden death shoots-out (1 shot per team until no longer tied).  The same player is not permitted to shoot twice during the shoot out until all players have shot if/as needed. Only if all players have participated in the shoot-out can a player be selected to shoot a second time.

Decisions of the referees are final and not subject to protest.



·          The Tournament Convener reserves the right to change the format of the tournament should it be deemed necessary.

·          By entering the Tournament, the Coach or Manager on behalf of their team releases the OMHA, Delhi Minor Hockey Association, Tournament Committee and all officials, referees, sponsors, volunteers, and all concerned with the Tournament from all liability of injury or accident which may be incurred by any player or team official while participating in or coming to or going from the tournament.