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Delhi Minor Hockey Association – Tournament Rules

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1. Team officials are responsible for the conduct of their team. Spectators who are abusive toward parents, players or officials will not be tolerated. The game will be suspended till the identified person leaves the arena. Once ejected that spectator shall not be allowed access to the arena for the remainder of the tournament

2. All players must wear neck guards. Mouth guards are mandatory. ALL PLAYERS MUST LEAVE THEIR HELMETS ON UNTIL THEY LEAVE THE ICE. Only coaching staff will be allowed on the ice. No parents or spectators are allowed on the ice at any time.

3. All games shall consist of three periods 10-10-10 stop time. No overtime in round robin games Overtime will only be in semi final and final games Three (3) minute warm up starting when officials step on the ice. No timeouts in any round robin games.  One (1) 30 second time out will be allowed during Semi Final & Final games in both Divisions.

4. All games will be played under the rules of the OMHA manual of operations. Suspensions will be served as indicated in the current Manual of Operations, with the following exception.
    i) Players or Team officials receiving a GM21 Verbal Abuse of an Official shall be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

5. Only players and team officials listed on an approved OHF/OMHA roster shall be allowed to participate in the tournament. The approved roster must be made available to tournament officials for perusal one (1) hour before the team’s first game and at anytime during the tournament if necessary. Approved roster sheets will be acceptable for this tournament.

6. All players and team officials shall individually sign the tournament signature sheet one (1) hour before the first game. Delhi Minor Hockey Association – Tournament Rules

7. All teams shall be dressed and prepared to play fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled game time, as directed by the Tournament Convener.

8. All teams must vacate their dressing rooms 20 minutes after their scheduled game.

9. The ice resurfacing will be at the discretion of the Tournament Convener. The ice will be resurfaced prior to each game.

10. The designated home team shall change sweaters if there is a conflict in colours. Home team will wear light coloured sweaters Visiting team will wear dark coloured sweater

11. Standings will be based on points: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie Tie breaking rule will determine the final standings

12. Qualifying for Semi Finals- Finals
The Pool Division winners will be ranked according to the tie breaking rule.

Atom Division:  The first place (1st) team in each Pool (3) plus a wild card team(1) will qualify for the Semi Finals on Sunday  Tie breaking rule will determine the wildcard team

Peewee Division: The first (1st) and second (2nd) place teams in each Pool will qualify for the Semi Finals on Sunday Delhi Minor Hockey Association – Tournament Rules

13. Placement of teams for semi finals
Pool 1st vs. Pool Wild card
Pool 2nd vs. Pool 3rd
Initially the 1st ranked team will play the wild card team and 2nd vs. 3rd However if the 1st ranked team and wild card team have played together in the round robin the placement will automatically change to the 2nd team vs wildcard and 1st vs 3rd . Although teams hypothetically could meet in the final we are trying to avoid 2 teams play each other twice.

First place (1st) Pool A vs. Second (2nd) place in Pool B
First place (1st) Pool B vs. Second (2nd) place in Pool A

14. TIE-BREAKING will be based, in order, on:
    a) Total Points
    b) The head-to-head record involving the teams tied (if applicable).
    c) The best ratio of Goals For in all round-robin games Goals For + Goals Against Example: Team A: 25GF, 8GA = 0.757 Team B: 20GF, 5GA = 0.800 Team B would advance based on a higher GF average
    d) The team with the most goals scored
    e) The team with the lowest number of penalty minutes (misconducts count as ten)
    f) A toss of a coin by the tournament chairman or designate Delhi Minor Hockey Association – Tournament Rules

15. In the semi final and final games teams that are tied at the completion of three (3) periods, will play sudden death overtime to determine a winner.

16. Overtime shall consist of :
     a) one (1) - 5 minute period 3 on 3 players, stop time. If no winner has been declared after the 5 minute overtime period;
     b) A 3 player shoot out. Teams will pick 3 different shooters. Heads up format, If no winner has been declared after the 3 vs. 3 shoot out;
     c) 1 vs. 1 player shoot out, and Teams can choose any player, go head to head till one Team wins.

17. Player changes during the game and overtime 3 on 3, can be made at any time.

18. Penalties in overtime must be completely served before returning to the game. A team assessed a penalty shall play shorthanded until the time has expired.

19. Penalties continue into the next period until the time has expired.

20. All decisions of the Tournament Committee are Final.

Lets ALL support our Players, Coaches, Referees and Tournament Committee Members & Have Fun!
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